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1.When urgency occured, how could I contact with the student?
You can phone the squadron which the student belongs to. Or else call 03-3908182, the staff will inform soon.
2. How could I visit my child in weekday?
Every 1200-1400 and 1630-1900 can enter the campus after agreement from squadron cadre. Every 0800-1200, 1400-1630 and 1900-2130 can visit your descendent in the reception.
3、How could I reach the campus?
Please refer toTransportation.
4.What's the routine in CCIT?
Course time : 0800-1200 and 1400-1800
Lunch break : 1200-1400
Afternoon : Workout (without course)
Self-use : 1900-2100)
Rest : 2200-
5. What is the physical fitness standard in CCIT?
Using method step by step to enhance cadets' physical fitness. Please refer to the attached for more details.