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Business Introduction

Training category 1、Military school enrollment.
2、Orientation of freshman and function of recruit training.
3、Held sports tournament in annual academy celebration.
4、To assist cadet’s internship, various academic activities and competitions.
5、Research development and college evaluation.
6、The cadet’s life management.
7、The grant ceremony for doctor and master dregree.
8、Managing teaching material and providing stationary.
9、Offering various scholarship and calculating indemnification of dismissal.
10、Cooperate between departments and staff officers’ supervision work distributing.
Administrative category 1、To apply for various personal ID.
2、The business of dismissal , suspension of schooling, transfer and promotion.
3、Renewal of personal ID.
4、Graduates’ assignment.
5、Student’s medical examination.
Logistic category 1、The annual renovation of dormitory and the demand survey of equipment.
2、Renewal of vehicle permit.