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2018 Flag-Raising Ceremony in New Year's Day

   On January 1,2018, the Colonel political warfare director Hu Jin Long conducted sixty-cadet in the scene of low temperature and cold bitter wind, standing in front of the presidential palace vigorously to participate the flag-raising ceremony in New Year's Day. Watching the ROCs’ national flag rising, and singing the national anthem loudly, the cadets was possessing strong patriotic sentiment and instantly filled with blood boiling, surging quite passionate. The establishment of the Republic of China has now entered its 107th-year, cherishing the memory of the past, The grand status of Republic of China was accomplished by the revolution and sacrifice of the sages. In the spirit of the "faithful" courtyard style of the Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, each cadet hopes that contribute to the country and boost the Advancement of National Defense science by themself in the future.

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