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The Handover Ceremony of Intern Cadre

   On January 9th, 2018, our school has conducted The Handover Ceremony of Intern Cadre, hosted by Deputy Commandant Liu Jiang Long Colonel. Before the ceremony there is a military parade, to verify the qualification of our training, to enhance the approval of cadets toward the Intern cadre system and also to make the cadets understand the importance of obeying superior officers and then follow the orders of the newly elected Intern cadre. To represent military academy cadets that must have a sense of responsibility and honor.
   In the speech of Associate Dean, he encouraged the overall performance of the students first. In view of that all the students grasp all practice time for the military parade and handover ceremony in the usual schoolwork, follow the "procedures, steps, essentials" principle, confident and radiant to present the best side to all the officers and teachers. This spirit is really admirable. In addition, the Associate Dean hopes that the incoming Intern cadres, regardless of class and position, will have to uphold the "faithful" academy style of the CCIT, play the spirit of service, and in the "schoolwork, education, leadership or self-growth" and other aspects, keep improving, and strive for a good foundation for the future military career.

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