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The 2018 Mandarin Education Training Opening Ceremony

   On March 5th, 2018, our school held the Mandarin Education Training Opening Ceremony, hosted by Major General Jing, commandant of CCIT. This year, the Department of Defense has entrusted Chung Yuan Christian University with the education of Mandarin, and CCIT with the responsibility for life and care of the foreign exchange students from Paraguay and other allied countries with a total of 15 students, with duration of 4 months of Mandarin Education Training, they will be allocated to ROCMA, ROCAFA and ROCNA, carrying out military officer education to complete their 4-year college study.
   The Major General Jing presents that most of the foreign cadets are from our important diplomatic allies. We would like to express sincere gratitude to our allies, because during international important occasions, such as military exchange or interchange of economic and cultural, they supply lots of assistance. By these communications we can effectively show our country’s status and visibility. Therefore, in order to promote their Chinese ability who study in our country, Ministry of National Defense,ROC particularly offer the language scholarship. The Major General Jing encouraged these cadets to cherish the valuable chance, to represent glory for their country.
   Finally, the Major General Jing encourages all the foreign cadets uphold the "faithful" academy style of the CCIT in the training period, and study Chinese seriously. In order to give feedback to Chinese teacher from Chung Yuan Christian University, they make a deal that they will express a short experience sharing in the closing ceremony also be a acceptance of result. All the training courses are to ensure that the light basis of language can boost them to fit our cultural of military academy constantly, and smoothly facing each challenge.

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