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The 2018 Flower Festival of CCIT

   On March 10th, 2018, CCIT held the annual Flower Festival. In addition, to enjoy the azalea flower that blossoms every year in March, there are also a ceremony of the freshmen of CCIT be given the honor badge, which will officially make them the cadets of CCIT. Apart from the ceremony, there is also a Scientific Exhibition of each department, the performance of school clubs, the exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy, etc. These activities demonstrate the excellence of CCIT’s tradition and professional abilities of the cadets. All the guests are touched by splendid performances, also obtain the enthusiastic applause and feedback.
   The chief commander of CCIT moderate Award Emblem Ceremony and military parade of the trainee cadre. The chief commander indicates that annually hold family and staff meeting in the Rhododendron season invite all the family to look around science implementation and club acceptance to enhance humanity quality. CCIT’s purpose is to cultivate cadets to become the National Defense Technology talents, as well as modern military officer. During the military parade, the cadets show the energetic posture after the long-time training. Despite of sharing the joy of growing up, the more important of the ceremony is to show that they passed the first test, therefore the academy particularly make an arrangement that the parent of the freshmen award emblem for them. After the ceremony, both cadets and their parents show proud and exciting emotional expression.
   CCIT located on Taoyuan Daxi District. Every early spring, Rhododendron, Taiwan Cherry and Jasmine blooming in CCIT which made the strict campus increase bright aura. Those VIP take photo with flower to capture the beautiful scenary. The campaign end in a warm and delighted atmosphere.
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