2018 National Student Competition of Music

   On March 3rd, 2018, the chorus of CCIT which consists of 22 cadets is lead by instructor Lin Yu Zhen and the accompany instructor to attend the 2017 National Student Competition of Music at Hsinchu City. The chorus performed “His Voice as The Sound” and “Perhaps Love”, the teacher and the participating students all showed their confidence and took the honor as the military school students, expecting to achieve a good performance and get glory for the school. The elective song "His Voice as The Sound" mainly conveys the belief and love for God, while the assigned song "Perhaps love" is a song that describes how to recover broken love between husband and wife. Both songs show different ways of love just like the conviction of the military school students "love the country, love the people", conveying the defending country and the unshakable sentiment through the songs. The choir is a collection of voices, each character is very important. The voice comes from everyone's resonance. The deep meaning of the song is conveyed through the sound. It is like the rolling hills overlapping in layers, rendering the surrounding atmosphere and tugging at the heartstrings. The head of the team said: "Through the chorus, the members of the group will be closely united and bravely say their love for the country, relatives and friends. Even if they encounter various obstacles in the process, with the encouragement and support of all officers and teachers, we will successfully overcome them one by one. In addition, through the performance in front of the public in the National Student Competition of Music, the usual efforts will be demonstrate and the heart will be touched."